One-Tap Get Help
When addiction is one tap or call away, the solution must work just as quickly. One tap of Get Help matches you with a vetted, supportive community member in seconds.

Peer Support Community
You aren’t alone in this. Share stories, advice and more with InCommon’s peer support community.

Recovery and Wellness Toolkit
Amplify your progress in recovery with tools like journal, activity tracker, 12-step texts, gender filters, sobriety date, and daily streaks.



InCommon for free

InCommon is free to download and use on iOS, Android, desktop, and anywhere with Internet.


InCommon for alumni

Extends coverage of your existing mental health resources by providing a branded digital destination to engage, track, and address the diverse needs of your alumni, when it matters most.


Hi, I’m Jeddy. Here’s why I built InCommon.

I hit rock bottom with addiction twice. The first time led to dropping out of college. The second time cost me the best relationship I ever had.

Thanks to my experiences, I realized it was easier to relapse than to find help. There is a small window of time when a person is willing to be talked out of relapse. But hours often crawled by before anyone answered my calls and texts.

In desperation, I asked: What if it was easier to find help? What if I could just tap a button on my phone and connect in a flash to people like me for support?

InCommon answers those questions, which plague millions of fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters devastated by addiction. Our app helps people in isolation to find community they need to overcome addiction, when it matters most.